Main ICO: 4th Mar 2018, after 07:00 PM - 1st May 2018, 11:00 PM (ICO ENDS) (GMT+1 ) - Minimum purchase is 50 Coins tokens. Get a bonus from 100% on every token purchase during the the ICO


Tokens Sold: 905,098.51 NEC | 1 NEC = $ 0.273


Total: 40,000,000 NEC Tokens

Token Price: 1 NEC = $ 0.273


Main ICO = 4th Mar 2018, after 07:00 PM - 1st May 2018, 11:00 PM (ICO ENDS) (GMT+1 )

ICO CLOSES ON 1ST MAY 2018, 11:00 PM

Minimum purchase is 50 NEC Coins tokens. Get a bonus from 100% on every token purchase

Ultra Fast Confirmation with Industry Lowest fee

Transparent and lowest fee. Unlike BITCOIN, where users are being charged a high fee and have to wait for a long time when they make a transaction. NeumCoin would minimize cost, time-consuming with the fastest industry transaction.


Secured Crypto Asset Deposits

NeumCoin stores the vast majority of the crypto asset deposits in an offline multi vault, which requires 5 out of 8 geo-distributed hardware security modules to open.

High-Performance Hardware Resource

NeumCoin’s proprietary order matching hardware can process millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency. The whole system is designed to be fully distributed, readily-available.


Minimum purchase is 50 Coins tokens. Get a bonus from 100% on every token purchase

Exchange Platform

In Pre-Sale and ICO period, members can trade NeumCoin and other cryptocurrencies on our platform.

Withdraw At Any Time

Members can withdraw NeumCoin from their wallet.

Uptime Guarantee

System is designed to be fully distributed, highly-available, process millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency

Token Limit

To guarantee all members can buy the token, there is a token limit for every account and IP address.

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Social & Press:


Assemble the 'Neum' Team to make up the idea.

Thorough reasearch and document reports on the markets of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Recruitment for Neumcoin key positions.

Integrate the NeumCoin solution into real business world to conduct research in Estonia.

Launch a private beta service for testing.

Establish partnership business personells.

Further development of service application.

Conduct legal formalities and make whitepaper available to the public.

NeumCoin Token Sale and thorough distribution.

Core and advancement development and integration.

Launch token trading on top cryptocurrency trading.

Strenghtening partnership and core expansion in UK and Europe.

Incorporation of Blockchain Technology into the architecture.

Launch NeumCoin Apps and Desktop wallets for web and in-app users.

Issue NEUMCOIN CARDS 'NeumCard' to all users.

Release a new website for web based wallets and merchants.

Continue the NeumCoin movement, improvement of infrastructure in UK and europe.

Test product in several cities in United States and possibly Asia.

Business growth opportunities in china, india, japan and south africa markets.

Strong growth in European markets. High value of the NeumCoin brand and currency.

Worldwide expansion!

...the 'Neum' way!


What is a NeumCoin?

NeumCoin is a new kind of cryptocurrency ‘bank’, an Ethereum based Token Blockchain Digital Payment coin, that enables the services as the traditional banking system in our brand assets as (NEC), such as a cryptocurrencies and tokens rather than everyday money we are used to seeing today (often referred to as fiat money). NeumCoin in addition, provides a service-payment platform; a link between the crypto-world and the fiat-world, opening up a brand of opportunities for our profound users to send and receive money, pay for services and good with our ‘NeumCoins’ as ‘cryptoassets’, and the merchant to receive funds fiat money for services such as telephone, utilities, penalties, loans, taxes, internet, and so on. In simple terms, NeumCoin bridges the gap for you to transaction our cryptocurrency (NeumCoin – NEC) in every day-to-day lives.

How Do I Participate In NeumCoin TOKENSALE?

First things first. You would have to signup for an account on NeumCoin TOKENSALE Dashboard. Once that’s completed, you will be able to buy NeumCoin Tokens (NEC) in the Member Dashboard using our payment methods: (Bitcoin) BTC and (Ethereum) ETH.

What Is The Difference Between My NeumCard and my NeumCoin Wallet?

Let’s get this straight. The primary purpose of Digital Wallets is the transfer and storage of crypto assets such as NeumCoins.

Be that as it may be, its just like your savings account but with no interest added to it on monthly basis, or the transfer from one crypto wallet to another crypto wallet.

NeumCoin (NeumCard) offers so much more. As well as bridging the spending of your NeumCoin (wallet) in digital assets through the crypto2fiat exchange.

It provides an elaborate range of an added primary (crypto-mobile) banking services such as asset currency exchange, lending, cross border payments and acquiring services (the ability for a merchant to receive a payment other than cash) for companies based on our own payment infrastructure.

We also provide a link for developers to our crypto-payment platform through the OpenAPI.

Which Wallet Is Compatible For Us To Store NeumCoins (NEC)?

As an Ethereum based Token Blockchain Digital Payment coin, NeumCoin (NEC) is an ERC20 standard token, so it can be stored and managed in many different Ethereum based wallets. We recommend using the following wallets that are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (NeumCoin) (ERC-20 standard):     

MyEtherWallet (no download needed)

MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)

Mist (Desktop)    

imToken (iPhone)    

imToken (Android)

When Would NeumCoin Mobile Apps Be Launched?

At this phase, all hands are on deck. Our Software Developers and Engineering department are still test-running and working on the apps. ‘NeumApps’ is almost ready. We’d announce to the public on the access and general release for the application to appear on your App Stores soon.

For now it is in the process of internal testing and debugging. We have a robust and superb experience in creating payment solution applications.

Who Are The NeumCoin Team? Their Background?

Here is it. Many a members of the NeumCoin (NeumCoin Network) team are a vast majority of highly experienced intellectuals in digital payment solutions.

They are a robust professionals and designers binding together from some of the most innovative district sectors in Europe and having spent the better part of over 14 years in developing digital payment and banking solutions.

The NeumCoin team is financed by experienced financial professionals and experienced top-notch High-Level executives who have worked in several different professional markets, firms, banking investment, corporations and even beyond their borders of Europe to other countries.

In coming together for the NeumCoin brand, the team has attracted more than $15 million in investments towards the goal of creating and developing payment solutions and applications.

When Would I Receive My NeumCoin Tokens After Contribution To The Token Sale?

With our Vast robust systems and platforms to manage our applications, The NeumCoin Tokens will be distributed in less than 48hours after your contribution has been received and confirmed by our Token Sale Department.

What Are The General Condition for The ICO?

NeumCoin Pre-Sale starts on January 22nd, 2018, 3:00 PM – 5th March 2018, 07:00 PM and the Main ICO starts on March 4th, 2018 7.00PM  to May 1st, 2018, 7.00PM

You can receive between 30% to 130% Bonus. The Bonuses would be changing per week. For instance a bonus of 60% token bonus for purchases during this week period.

Take for instance, if you buy 10,000.000 NEC tokens, you will receive a bonus 6,000.000 NEC tokens, so in total you’ll get 16,000.000 NEC tokens. If you need an exclusive offer of buying bulk tokens, please contact us:

What's So Special About NeumCoin? What Makes Its Uniqueness?

NeumCoin brand of uniqueness cannot be over-emphasized. The uniqueness of the NEC token is that it is demand-based.

Many a transaction of NeumCoin in the daily lives of our users creates a chain of demand for the token. Each transaction in a crypto bank (NeumCard) or from your digital wallet forms a demand for a token, because part of the funds from the transaction go toward its purchase on the open market. This ensures constant liquidity of the NEC tokens.

What's The Advantage of Holding the NeumCoin as a Token Holder?

20% from NeumCoin’s transaction profit (merchant commission) will be used to thank our NEC token-holders and the most active users through the acquisition distribution of NEC tokens via a monthly loyalty fund. Purchased NEC tokens are divided between existing token-holders, depending on their NeumCoin  Wallet usage. With this, the constant demand for the NeumCoin is limitless for the NEC Token.

My Question Isn't Listed Here. Any Help?

Sure! At NeumCoin, we take supports very seriously. We are ready to answer you.

With our efficient support staff and customer friendly agents, we boast of attending to your queries in less than 24hours.

We listen to you, your suggestion and more of your questions can be channel by opening a ticket at our dedicated support platform here:

You can also channel your email to any of our mail Channels here: